Wiper and True - Aztec Shake - Imperial Milk Stout - 330ml Bottle


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Collaboration with Fierce Beer. We decided we wanted to create a beer which explored the chocolate and chilli combination, fruits and spices, with the mix of gentle heat and rich sweetness. So, on Valentine’s Day with Hot Chocolate playing on the stereo we brewed Aztec Shake together. Our chosen brew was an Imperial Milk Stout made with copious chocolate malts, cocoa power and vanilla. These ingredients come together to provide an opulent and luxurious flavour profile. The addition of Ancho chillies lend a rich, fruity character with a deep warmth. The further additions of raisins and cinnamon complement the rich fruit sweetness and provide a gentle warming spice. We added all these ingredients both on the hot side during the boil, and then again on the cold side post fermentation. This technique helps to give a great depth of flavour and the right balance of the spices. Together the flavours marry to create a curious balance of sweetness and spice, a real dessert beer.

Country : UK

ABV : 10.5%