Verdant x Allkin - Road to Unruin - India Pale Ale - 440ml Can


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Verdant are releasing a collaboration with Allkin Brewing, a celebration of a 'rise from the ashes' story from the team that brought you Good Things Brewing co.

They have been quickly coming up the ranks, knocking out some great beers. Sadly, they recently had their brewery struck by lightning and burnt to the ground & are going all in on using every silver lining they can to come back even stronger as Allkin Brewing.

Allkin are pushing for true independence with a customer & team owned company, crowdfunding their way back to existence after a devastating blow but this time they want you to be more of a part of their story, releasing a class shares joining them as joint owners of something we believe will be truly awesome....

Some of our most lovely hops combine here in a beer brewed with our chums at AllKin Brewing.

Strata brings the grapefruit ganja, Simcoe the soft tropics and spikey pine whilst Idaho 7 brings the pineapple. Yummers!

Falmouth, Cornwall

ABV : 6.5%