Twisted Barrel Ale - Wrapped in Centennial - New England IPA - 440ml Can


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Twisted Barrel Ale exploded onto the Coventry beer scene in 2014. Originally brewing on a 60 litre kit, With a brewing capacity of approximately 120 bottles demand very quickly caught up with them...

Part of the 2018 single hop 'Wrapped In' NEIPA series which was an array of 440ml canned beers celebrating different single hopped beers. Pilsner, Flaked Oats, Wheat and Dextrin provide a soft, honeyed base, this mix of malts and oats is something of a trademark of Twisted barrel. Centennial hops at 6.5g/L in the whirlpool and 20g/L dry hop provides a in your face lime and lemon citrus and savoury dankness. They then use a old English yeast strain that provides a thick, juicy body and some sweetness.