Track Brewing Co - The Haus That Noodles Built - IPA - 440ml Can


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Track teamed up with their friend Pippy Eats to create this - 'The Haus That Noodles Built IPA'.

It was meant to celebrate the launch of Pippa's new venue Noodle Haus, alas that has been delayed but the beer has not.  

This is a luscious, full IPA bathed in tropical light, emanating summer warmth with a beautiful balance of acidity and soft sweetness from a simple yet effective malt bill.

Aromatic notes of lemongrass and kaffir lime leaf meld with flavours of soft peach, mango and pithy grapefruit.

A lingering resinous, yuzu peel bitterness slowly ebbs away leaving a citrus coating on the palate.

A perfect compliment to warming, hearty food - bold enough to cut through spice & heat whilst nuanced enough to really bring out delicacy of flavour.

Amazingly drinkable and tantalisingly soft