Totally Brewed - Memberberries - Fruited Gose - 440ml Can


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Blackberry,  blueberry, raspberry and elderberry fruited Gose.

"Member house parties?"
"Yeah, I member"

"Member mosh pits?"
"Oooh yeah, I member"

"Member hugs?"
"I member....hugs"

'When life goes a bit sour, member the good times!!'

This blueberry, blackberry,  raspberry and elderberry fruited gose is sure to brighten up any day. Deep purple in colour, packed to the brim with luscious, juicy berries.... this is autumn in a glass.

Vegan friendly 

Ingredients: barley, wheat, oats, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and elderberries, yeast, hops, salt

Nottingham, UK

ABV : 5.1%