Schonramer - Schonram Hell - Bavarian Beer - 500ml Bottle


Schönramer Hell is their main type and one of the most popular beers in the southeastern foothills of the Alps. This tasty, full-bodied beer is of the type Münchner Hell, but a stronger and more hoppy variant typical for the region.

This gold and bronze medalist (European Beer Star 2011, 2017 & 2019) is also known in some circles as “Schoaramer”, “s'Greane” or “1780er”.

Due to the use of a special type of barley, its brilliant straw yellow color is very light compared to many beers of its kind. Very soft and seductive to the touch with a slight acacia note, it turns into a full, balanced dual sound of hops and malt. The finish is very clean and dry and leaves a fine, delicate hop bitterness on the tongue. Schönramer Hell simply encourages you to keep drinking! Yay!

Schönramer Hell goes particularly well with Bavarian home cooking, but also with cold platters and cheese platters.

Special features of the production: intensive mashing-in process, cold fermentation in open vats, long and cold secondary fermentation of 5-6 weeks with frizzs for natural carbonation of the beer. No pasteurization.

Malt: 100% Pilsner malt from the Marthe barley variety (barley from Old Bavaria, malted in Bavaria)
Hops: Tradition, Select, Hersbrucker and Hallertauer medium early from the Hallertau and Spalt

Bavaria, Germany