Schonramer - Schonram Gold - Bavarian Beer - 500ml Bottle


The Schönramer Gold is a strong and insidious beer. The gold doesn't let go of you so quickly after enjoying a pint. With the beer type "Wiesn-Märzen" caution is advised, the 0.7% more alcohol is more than one might think.

The gold medal winner in the European-Style Export 2017 category of the European Beer Star Award has a rich golden yellow color with a clear note of chestnut honey in the aroma. The initial taste is very full-bodied with the taste of freshly baked white bread and then turns into a honey-sweetness, followed by a very fine hops-bitter note in the aftertaste. Schönramer Gold has the perfect harmony between hops and malt and is naturally cloudy in the barrel.

Schönramer Gold goes particularly well with hearty roasts and stews, but also with cold platters, spicy sausage salads and cheese platters.

Special features of the production: intensive mashing process, cold fermentation in open vats, long and cold secondary fermentation of 6-8 weeks with "ruffles" for natural enrichment of the beer with carbonic acid. 

No pasteurization either!

Bavaria, Germany