Polly's Brew Co - When to Ask Why - Pale Ale - 440ml Can


Polly's love their DDH pales, don't get them wrong, but sometimes there's nothing better than a straight up, unfussy, clean and crisp pale ale.

A beer that their brewers specifically made with smashability in mind, When to Ask Why is brewed as a tribute to who they feel are the masters of simplicity and balance; their heroes over at The Kernel, who make in their opinion the best pales in the UK.

Hopped with a relatively easygoing dry-hop charge of 25kg of El Dorado, Galaxy, Mosaic and Sabro, this is a beer perfect for those pints we love and miss so much earned after a long day at the graft.

Soft, juicy, and crisp, these four incredible hops combine to bring a swagbag of mango and tropical flavours to compliment their respective pithy bitter notes.

Mold, Flintshire, UK