Polly's Brew Co - Surface Edition - India Pale Ale - 440ml Can


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Polly's have always had a thing at the brewery for those big, brash IPAs north of 7% brewed by those old school brewers that  they grew up drinking.

Those base flavours from the malts, accentuated by the flavour profiles brought to the table by the hops, they all come together as the strength heads into the upper echelons of IPA territory.

As a brewery that firmly embraces the past in their brewing style, they've employed their pyramid dry-hopping technique with a heavy dose of the present in Azacca, before a nod to the past with a smaller but still healthy addition of Chinook, finishing with an eye on the future with a further small addition of Sabro in Surface Edition.

Expect tropical juice to meld with pina colada sweetness before finishing out with piney bitterness in this all out smasher of an IPA.

Flintshire, North Wales