Polly's Brew Co - Spectrum - Double IPA - 440ml Can


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Polly's are all about innovation and using the most modern techniques and processes in their brewing.

When their hop merchant presented the idea of Spectrum hops earlier in the year, they were immediately hooked in and interested to see what they could utilise them in.

As hops in pure liquid form, they're able to use less, but maintain the intensity of aroma and flavour throughout, adding an extra level of complexity they have never been able to achieve previously.

With less vegetal matter within the beer too boot, this means they yield even more beer, which means more beer for everyone to enjoy!

Polly's first dip into using these hops in a DIPA style features a mixture of 20kg of Mosaic and Citra pellet hops, paired up with 3kg of Mosaic and Citra Spectrum; expect slightly more intense gooseberry, lychee and grapefruit notes from Citra, backed up with a tropical medley of mango, peach and tangerine notes from Mosaic.


Flintshire, North Wales