Polly's Brew Co - Pale Ale - Citra Mosaic - 440ml Can

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Pollys brew co once know as Loka Polly is a small brewery from northern Wales, they started in 2018 and have been creating hop forward beers ever since.  With a motto "never stop improving" you can expect only the best beers to make it out of the brewery. They are always learning and tweaking the beer they make.

New from Pollys brew co Citra Mosaic pale ale. A 4.8% pale ale. This is a hop pairing that they have visited a few times, only this time they have tamed the ABV! They have maintained the body and flavour intensity of this pale ales bigger brother, the end result is just mouth watering! A juicy pale ale - hazy as hell, packed full of zesty citrus and grapefruit notes. Mosaic brings the Tropical and herbal notes in abundance.



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