Polly's Brew Co - Ode - India Pale Ale - 440ml Can


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Polly's often express how much they love to pay homage to the brewers of yesteryear, without whom they, or their contemporaries alike, would exist as they do.

At the same time they love firmly expressing how much they love embracing their status as very much a modern brewery, producing the hop-forward styles so popular today.

Ode is their literal address to old school and new school brewing, and their love of embracing the two in their beers.

Chinook firmly represents the old school, being generously used in the whirlpool to impart delicious piney bitterness, Citra rocks up as the modern classic in the dry hop, bringing a wave of juicy citrus notes, and the future is handily dealt with by Bru-1 and it's incredible intense pineapple characteristics.

Everything we all love about brewing, all packed into one IPA.

Flintshire, North Wales