Polly's Brew Co - Lebble - India Wheat Ale - 440ml Can


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Anyone who has followed Polly's brewery since they started will know that they love to smash together and hybridize beer styles; whether it's dry-hopped saisons or India dry stouts (seriously, they were stouts, not Black IPAs), Polly's love experimentation and creating modern versions of the classics.

Lebble is a continuation of this passion; taking the humble wheat ale and giving it a hop-forward, 2021 Polly's shine.

A huge dry-hop bill of Azacca and Citra combine with the WB-06 yeast they fermented this beer out with - to create an insane explosion of aroma, bouncing with banana-y esters, along with juicy tropical fruits from the generous amount of hops.

On the palate, a huge silky mouthfeel marries up with a bonafide fruit salad of flavour - think ripe mangos, papaya, and (seriously) bananas with custard.

An insane piece of alchemy from the brewers, and one that has everyone looking forward to what they're able to pull off next.

Flintshire, North Wales