Polly's Brew Co - Huskle - DDH Double IPA - 440ml Can


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In their humble opinion, they think they've really nailed Sabro as a hop varietal up there at Polly's HQ.

As a mega hype hop, it's super easy to tip the scale in the wrong direction with this incredibly potent varietal by using way too much, and their brewers have really taken to getting that fine line perfectly balanced.

Huskle is an experiment into going heavy on the old school hops, and letting exactly half the amount of Sabro take the reins for the new school juice column.

Featuring equal parts 20kg each of Centennial and Chinook, this beer has all the grassy, piney bitter notes we love about those old school beers, before a 20kg Sabro dry-hop charge jumps in with those incredible coconut, mint, and lime flavours.

I think it's safe to say, Sabro - we absolutely love you.

Flintshire, North Wales