Polly's Brew Co - Future Infinity - India Pale Ale - 440ml Can


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When Polly's were taking on their hop contract for this year, their rep made mention of Bru-1, and how it goes well with either Mosaic, Sabro, or Citra.

Happily taking some on, the hop pairings they mentioned had always stuck in Polly's heads, and when they came to write recipes for their Autumn release schedule, they thought to themselves "Why not brew a beer with all the hops Bru-1 pairs well with?", and Future Infinity was born!

Utilizing mainly Mosaic in the dry hop, with a 15kg dry hop charge initially followed by equal 5kg mini-charges of Sabro, Citra and Bru-1, this beer bursts with heavy pineapple notes, with coconut and tangerine following in abundance, before mellowing out into a medly of berry notes from Mosaic, and finishing with crisp citrus thanks to the old dependable, Citra.

Flintshire, North Wales