Polly's Brew Co - Electric Indigo - India Pale Ale - 440ml Can


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Sometimes it's a blast to let your instincts run wild on a beer - Polly's have been doing IPAs since day one, and it's the style for which they're most well known and well regarded.

Electric Indigo is their brewers doing exactly what they do best; sitting comfortably around the 6% mark, high on the mouthfeel but not viscous, and supercharged with a trio of stateside slammers in Simcoe, Mosaic and Columbus for maximum flavour intensity without being overwhelming.

Employing the pyramid technique that has now become a staple of their beers, Polly's have let Mosaic take the lead with this beer for a metric tonne of blueberry, tangerine and sweet bubblegum notes, before smaller additions of Simcoe and Columbus traverse from new school juice into old school grassiness.

Mold, Flintshire, UK