Polly's Brew Co - Does It Matter How Far? - DDH India Pale Ale - 440ml Can


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Polly's are all about pushing their own boundaries; and something that they stumbled across and made a constant within their beers to take them up to the next level in 2020 was their patented pyramid dry-hopping technique.

Does it Matter How Far takes this technique and runs with it; seeing just how far they really can go - upping the number of varietals to a hearty four as opposed to the usual three.

Citra takes the lead this time around, with a hefty 20kg addition, before 15, 10, and 5kg additions of Mosaic BBC, Centennial, and finally Sabro bring the tangerine sweetness, floral pine, and pina colada tropical vibes to this incredible beer, before being wrapped up in a warm, reassuring hug of our bespoke LA3 yeast strain for maximum suspension and mouthfeel.

Mold, Flintshire, UK