Northern Monk Patrons Project - 17.03 Insa Pete's Dark Past - Chocolate, Caramel & Biscuit Stout - 440ml Can

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To accentuate hints of biscuit, the grist contains plenty of munich malt; a more heavily kilned German base malt with a prominent flavour, plus some lightly roasted amber malt which compliments and offers notes of toast and cinder toffee. This is backed up by light crystal and Special B to add depth and dark fruit character, chocolate roast malt, plenty of flaked oats and maltodextrin to build out the body.

To recreate the outer layer, they added a load of lactose and a touch of vanilla for the basis of that classic milk chocolate flavour. then they went even further adding chocolate during fermentation and copious amounts of caramel late fermentation to boost the ABV and add a decadent dessert sweetness to this rich, deep brown stout.

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