Neon Raptor - Total Eclipse - Jaffa Cake Milk Stout - 440ml Can

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Neon raptor from Nottingham started out as a cuckoo/gypsy brewery producing on a small scale since April 2016 and finally moved into their own brewery in Sneinton Market in October 2018, this is a brewery with big plans for 2019 so keep any eye out for them!

Total Eclipse is a 7.4% creamy full bodied Jaffa Cake Milk Stout. They  added cacao shells from Luisa's Vegan Chocolates a local chocolate producer and mandarin orange to create a luxurious, zingy treat. Lactose has been used to give the beer a creamy mouthfeel and to add a little desert like sweetness! This beer is truly a decadent treat

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