La Chouffe - Blanche - Belgian Wheat Beer - 330ml Bottle


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Chouffe's emblematic gnome rambles across the mountains in all seasons, summer and winter alike.

With his stick and his mammoth waistcoat, he regularly climbs the 6666 meters up Mt CHOUFFE, to breathe in the fresh air of the perpetually snow-covered peaks.

Once he reaches the summit, he likes to pour himself a Chouffe and admire the view.

"Grouff, grouff ?" an inquisitive, shaggy-haired yeti, recognising the sound of beer being poured, approached timidly.

"Chouffe ! ... not Grouff !" Marcel told him.

The white landscape inspired Marcel to call his new beer, which is so refreshing, smooth and spicy: Chouffe Blanche!

Ardennes, Belgium

ABV : 6.5%