Bishop Nick - Divine - Premium Ale - 500ml Bottle

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Named after the former bishop of London in 1500 who was burnt at the stake for heresy. His relatives 300 years later opened a brewery called Ridleys, which was producing beer right up till 2005 when it was sold. In honour of Bishop Nicholas and his family the brewery was renamed Bishop Nick, Today, Nelion Ridley takes up the mantle once more.

Divine is a Premium ale with a premium ABV of 5.1% this bottle conditioned real ale comes in a 500ml bottle. This beer is a throw back to a recipe crafted over 6 generations from the old Ridley brewery, This real ale is a homage to English beers of old, balanced nuttiness with hints of spice and rich caramel and mellow hoppyiness. With a dark amber complexion and a fresh malty nose. A premium old English style ale with a modern twist, you can feel the heritage with every mouthful.    

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