BeerCraft Advent Calendar - 24 Awesome Beers

24 great beers, hand selected for the 2020 BeerCraft Advent Calendar by us here at BeerCraft.

Each day, open up a window and see what's inside, could it be the latest Hazy IPA, something dark from Belgium, a Stout from Bristol or a Tropical Raspberry Sour from Yorkshire or something you've never seen before or even possibly a classic!

Each day will be a top quality beer! 

This calendar might be a few more £s than some others out there, but that's because there will be 24 cracking beers in the box! 

This is a strictly limited edition product, so make sure you secure yours quickly.

Advent Calendars will be available in the last week of November and we will inform you when it is ready for collection.

If you would like an advent calendar delivered, Please choose the "Delivered to Your Door" option. Sorry, this is not be included in our Free Delivery offer and there is a small charge of £10 for delivery (included in the £109 price). Advent Calendars will be dispatched in the last week of November 

Apologies to our VIP's, this item is not available for the VIP discount.

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