BBD - Electric Bear Brewing - Nobody Knows Where The Lizard Gose - Mango Gose - 440ml Can - Passed Best Before Date

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This beer has unfortunately passed its Best Before Date.  It doesn't mean that it's undrinkable!  It just means that it may not quite taste as the brewer intended it to.

Once beer has been made, it starts to "condition".  Now this is welcomed in traditional ales as it allows some of the bitterness created by the hops to mellow. 

In craft brewing, hops are generally used to give floral, fruity aromas instead of bitters.  When craft beers age, the floral notes tend to soften over time and so this style of beer is ideally drank fresh.

We have tested a beer from this batch and it is good, but as it has passed its Best Before Date, we are offering it to you at a massively reduced discount.  Just 1/2 its normal price.  When they are gone they are gone, so if you want to grab a great beer at a great price, this is it!


This beer is something Electric Bear had wanted to do for a little while and felt with it nearly being summer this was the perfect opportunity.

They've taken the mango fruited sour idea previously used in our first ever kettle sour “Lizard People”, upped the fruit rates a considerable amount and combined it with their gose recipe to deliver “Nobody Knows Where The Lizard Gose”.

This beer is like a salty solero in a glass. Perfect for a hot summers day (or any day for that matter).

ABV: 4.5%

Bath, England