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Here at BeerCraft, we love every style of beer and we believe every style matters! Discover our eclectic collection...

All styles of IPA's (India Pale Ales), with their DDH (Double Dry-Hopped) IPA, NEIPA (New England IPA), West Coast IPA, Milkshake IPA, DIPA (Double IPA), even TIPA (Triple IPA)! Many Pale Ales, DDH Pale Ales (Double Dry-Hopped), New England Pale Ales, Small Pales. We love our sour beers and you will also find many Gose beers, Berliner Weisse and kettle sours. Alcohol-free beer of many different types, as well as a fantastic selection of stouts and porters - pastry stouts, imperial stouts, india porters! And we're proud ot have many gluten-free beers too, as well as many vegan beers.

Discover also the amazing Belgian and German beers, and their great brewing tradition. Blonde and brune beers, Dubbel, Tripel, Quadrupel, biere blanche (witbier), and the fantastic lambic beers like geuze, faro, framboise, kriek... German lagers with their Bock and Doppelbock, smoky Marzen, Pilsner, Kellerbier, Helles, and Weissbiers (wheat beers). 

And if you like something more traditional, we've also got classic English best bitter, amber ale, blonde beer, pale ale, brown and red ales! As well as a lovely selection of Somerset ciders.

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