BeerCraft and CrowdFunder

After opening our bottle shop back in August 2017, we quickly realised that our bar was becoming very popular, with an ever increasing number of customers.  Now in April 2019, we are regularly full with people wanting to enjoy a beer from our taps, so need to expand.

We are one of a very few places that sell craft beer in Bath, and as we are offering something very different - an ever changing selection of beer on tap, and an ever changing array of beer on the shelves, that can be drank in or taken away - more and more customers are making us a "must" place to visit.

We only have capacity for 25 people to drink in the shop, but luckily, we have a large basement.  We looked into ways that we could incorporate this into the shop.  This would expand our capacity by an extra 50 people.

After lengthy discussions with designers, planners and building regs, we came up with a plan.

We had a quick round of crowd funding - to raise the funds for the technical drawings, plans, planning application and legals, as Bath (being a world heritage site) needs all the i's dotted and all the t's crossed - which went amazingly and helped us on our way and a huge thank you to to our first rounders.

Planning was submitted and shortly after approved.  Unfortunately, this was just before the run up to Christmas so all our time was taken up helping customers in the shop.

Our Plan:

We have a large room at the rear of the basement that will make a perfect lounge bar, enabling us to seat more customers who wish to enjoy a craft beer.  

To make it accessible, we need to install a staircase, have an overhaul on the electrics, install a fire alarm, plumb in another toilet, fix the windows and then, to finish it all off, a good lick of paint.

Yes, we know its a mess at the moment :)

We've also got space to make a small kitchen so we can also offer food to have with your beer.

All this, means a lot of work needs to be done and so we'll need plumbers, builders, joiners, plasterers, electricians and probably a few decorators too.  And then after, we'll need more staff to join our team to help us run the shop, bar and kitchen.

We would love you to join us in making a bigger BeerCraft.

After some initial quotes for the staircase, toilet, electrics, fire alarm & plumbing, along with the funds we have saved up personally, we think we need another £10,000 to help us get our lounge open as quickly as possible.

If we raise more than this, it will help us make a start on the kitchen too.  The sooner we get that installed, the sooner you be able to munch on some amazing grub that goes perfectly with your beer.

We have created some (what we think are) great rewards, but if you would like to make a pledge for a tailored reward, then get in touch and we'll do our best to make that happen.