Stillwater Artisanal

Stillwater Artisanal Brewing Company was started in 2010 by Baltimore native Brian Strumke and are a gyspy brewery so they don't have a set location and use other breweries for their brewing. Strumke was previously a DJ and producer and you can see a lot of his creative influence on the style of beer - Strumke quickly gained recognition as he wanted to create strange and different beers, experimenting with herbs, spices and wild yeasts. In 2015, Brooklyn, NY-based Twelve Percent Imports struck a deal with Stillwater to distrubte the beer world wide - so now we can drink it in Bath! Expect hop heavy forward IPAs with soft mouthfeels (The Cloud IPA is our fav) as well as crazy creations such as the Cellar Door, a Dry-Hopped Wheat Farmhouse ale.