Our sour beers and fruit beers!

Sour beers may seem like the UFO of the craft beer world, but they’re actually one of the oldest beer styles in the world!

Lambic beers, gueuze, Flanders red ales, or German gose beers to name a few, have been brewed at least since the 1200s. With the help of wild yeasts or bacteria these beers end up with a sour, tart, or acidic taste. Gose beers are even brewed with salt and coriander!

Modern brewers are now experimenting with sour beers, often flavouring them with fruits for an almost smoothie-like beer that makes you pucker up and leaves you wanting more...

Discover our lambics, gueuze, Flanders red, gose, Berliner Weisse, pastry sours, and more!