The Tipsy-Train Beer Blog with Vibrant Forest's Pupa

September 11, 2019

Vibrant Forest - Pupa

Vibrant Forest - Pupa

Earning some good karma at the weekend by taking my mum out for a birthday dinner was followed by a very busy day at work. Lots of packing and wrapping in the day, then a bit of a beer lesson from James in the evening. All fun though and hopefully growing my knowledge to do slightly above average beer blogs for everyone...

I went for the Vibrant Forest - Pupa 'Juicy Pale Ale' tonight as I'd heard quality things about the brewery and is hugely popular amongst the locals. The 'vibrant' name is backed up by the watercolour-rainbow 440ml 4.5% can with black symbol on the front, which certainly does enough to gain a second glance.

A really refreshing and vibrant smell escaped the can on first opening, with very smooth zesty scents hitting my nose. No where near as punchy as previous first impressions, I thought the same would follow with the taste test...I was wrong!

The soft hops when opening the can were replaced with a strong and very hoppy hit! Once again the citrus and tropical flavours certainly offer a fantastic humming background in the mouth, but the hoppiness can not be ignored and may be just verging on being slightly over balanced for some people.

35 minutes in and the hoppy punch is still there and I have to say I'm enjoyed it. The tropical taste with an energising push behind it has made this a really tasty, interesting drink.

Vibrant Forest - Pupa (Finished)

That's me for today. Hope your Monday was interesting at least, and I'll catch you tomorrow.