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February 28, 2020

Wander Beyond Brewing - Entice

Wander Beyond Brewing - Entice

*Delayed post, my shameful apologies* Slept really crap, but a potassium filled banana gave me energy on the way in, so i was alot less zombie-like than I would have been otherwise. Small bit of marketing done along with a heart attack inducing stint at the bar, meant that the train home was a fair relief... Can is a vibrant orange colour with a very large angler fish having its eye on a scared little hop.

First smell is vibrant tangerine in a thick rich scent...very nice indeed! First swig does everything it advertises, a tangerine milkshake with that hoppy beery hit. The light IPA background is there, but the overarching vanilla creamy taste is just too drinkable with that tangerine kick. Delicious and does more than it says on the tin!

As always, I hope you enjoyed my personal review, but why not come into @beercraftbath and try it for yourself!...🍺🤓 Han