The Tipsy-Train Beer Blog with Tiny Rebels's Peaches & Cream

February 09, 2020

Tiny Rebel - Peaches & Cream

Tiny Rebel - Peaches & Cream

*Couple of days delayed post* Bad sleep and an early start meant that I had a knackering day ahead of me, but actually turned out ok. Solid day at work, then delicious tortillas cooked by the Mrs was a solid reason to crack this beer open.

Cool vivid orange and white can with spray painted cartoons is a pretty cool design to pull you in.

First smell is a feint peachy one (unsurprisingly) with a light hoppy buzz in the background. The following swig delivers a deep, but not too sweet peach flavour that's very pleasant indeed. Nice bit of mouthfeel is there as well, giving a creamy taste that makes this beer eminently drinkable and enjoyable. Great beer by a great brewery, give it a go!

As always, I hope you enjoyed my personal review, but why not come into Beercraft of Bath and try it for yourself!...🍺🤓 Han

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