The Tipsy -Train Beer Blog with Deya Brewing Company's Tappy Pils

September 06, 2019

Deya Brewing Company's Tappy Pils

Deya Brewing Company - Tappy Pils

It had been a pretty exhausting, but enjoyable day at work, spent between screen staring and giving my muscles a good workout with some much needed physical labour. There was a light at the end of the tunnel though...Deya Brewing Company's - Tappy Pils' for the train ride home.

As an enthusiastic beginner on the beer tasting ladder I'd heard some fantastic things about the Deya Brewing Company, a local brewer based in Cheltenham, so I was excited to see what this beer had to offer.

First off, this design of the can definitely doesn't give you the attention seeking acid-like trip that some do, but the alligator with the 1980's Miami Vice-esque hand writing on a black background is still pretty snazzy.

Now the good stuff! After dealing with a bit of opening foam from being carried in my bag (and trying to deal with it in a vaguely cool and inconspicuous way next to my fellow passenger) the fresh, clean and almost zesty smell that hit me reminded me of rolling flowery fields on a summers day. The taste that followed didn't disappoint either, as I received another rush of those Saaz hops and a enjoyable fizz and glow across the tongue.

As a pleasant surprise, the taste didn't lessen as time went on, and a really enjoyable and enveloping light, but certainly full experience carried on for the 33 minutes it took to finish this beer.

At 440ml, 5% volume and a punchy glow to the mouth it certainly provides you with a taste experience that I'd recommend.

About 15 minutes left on the train now to watch the world go by, but I'll catch you tomorrow for my latest Tipsy-Train Beerblog.



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