The Tipsy-Train Beer Blog with Beavertown's Lupuloid IPA

September 06, 2019

Beavertown - Lupuloid IPA

Beavertown - Lupuloid IPA

Beautiful September sunshine in Bath today where I was taking a few pictures and managed a nice riverside stroll complimented a solid day at work. Once again, I was looking forward to my Tipsy-Train Beer and decided to go it alone and make the decision myself with the Beavertown - Lupuloid IPA.

It has to be said that my hunch of which drink to go for was greatly influenced by the fantastic can art. Rocket ships and spaceman attacking a massive green space monster with floating skulls flying around was just too much to ignore!

After boarding the train I was still not feeling confident with my can technique, so I did a subtle below the seat can opening, and for good measure, as there was just enough foam where there could have been a problem if held over my lap.

First off, no strong scent from the opening,  just a gentle waft of citrus and fruitiness with a hoppy bonce in the background. Upon first taste that theme followed, with a really smooth, rolling texture as the light tropical flavours rolled over my tongue. There's a malty and certain hoppy hit during tasting, but not overwhelming and definitely not a harshly bitterness to finish.

This was a really enjoyable drink for the train that I actually think got better as it went along. I started getting additional flavours like apple, lemon and the hoppyness really seemed to bounce as the journey continued.

Beavertown - Lupuloid IPA Finished

    Although it's only a 330ml can, it packs a punch at 6.7% and I can honestly say was a really good companion for the 34 minutes it was with me. Highly recommended and I'd g for it again without a second thought.

    Anyway, that's me for today, catch you on the morrow.



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