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December 31, 2019

Amundsen Brewery - Dessert In A Can

Amundsen Brewery - Dessert In A Can

*Weekend tipple* Had to give this one a special place so the evening drink after tea went to this stout. Bit of a hectic day, so was hoping this would calm and settle me into the rest of the weekend. The can is a really cool drawn design showing what looks like chocolate, caramel and every delicious dessert you can think of spurting out of a food machine!

First smell is thick, creamy with that mocha tang at the end....the anticipation is there! That full mouth feel of volume and creaminess is immediately there on the taste with those sumptuous cookies soaking over your tongue. Every swig after that gave more of that rich lactose experience with the cookie/boozy taste that me and the missus couldn't get enough off. I was lucky enough to get hold of this very rare drink to try through BeerCraft Of Bath and I'd urge you to do your best to get one yourself, just a cracking beer.

As always, I hope you enjoyed my personal review, but why not come into BeerCraft of Bath and try it for yourself!...🍺🤓 Han