REVIEW: 2 beers by Ora Brewing

May 08, 2019

REVIEW: 2 beers by Ora Brewing

Ora Brewing of London sent a couple of little cans into us here at BeerCraft, and they looked quite interesting.  They were founded a few years ago in Modena, Italy, and like to brew modern craft beers with Italian ingredients...

Limoncello IPA

Ora Brewing Limoncello IPA

Limoncello is traditionally made in Italy, particularly the Sorrento and the Naples area, the lemons are real sharp with masses of flavour.

So this Limoncello IPA comes as no surprise when you get a good aroma of those zesty lemons during the pour.  We also get a good fluffy head, and the liquid is a nice, slightly cloudy gold colour.


The taste is pretty good, definitely a sour IPA, is it an IPA at all though, I felt it was more of an out and out sour!

Recommended, and a brewery we shall keep an eye on in the future.

Hazy Heart

Ora Brewing Hazy Heart Hazy Heart by Ora Brewing is a DDH, Double Dry Hopped, NE, New England, Pale Ale.  DDH NEPA!


And it's a good as well, loads of citrussy aroma's coming off of it, and a real good kick of the Citra and Mosaic hops, 2 classics used extensively in Pale Ale's and IPA's.

Hopefully Ora will move onto 440ml cans sometime soon, and if they do, and carry on making craft beer of this quality, expect to see them on the shelves at BeerCraft.

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