Samples From Utopian

February 02, 2020

Samples From Utopian

As a beer shop we regularly get breweries sending us or dropping in a few samples.

Utopian dropped in a couple of their cans for us to try.

Now lager is currently the most drank style of beer in the UK, and so they dropped us in 2. A dark lager and a british lager.

Unfortunately this didnt fill us with huge excitement.  Over the last 3 years we have tasted a lot of lagers and there is very little between them.

Lots of Breweries have made lagers and they just dont seem to go down anywhere near as well as the IPAs or the Pales.    We sell more sour beers that we do lagers and we have a big range.

So here’s hoping for something different.

Utopian Dark Lager

Utopian Dark Lager

First up the dark lager, a very malty aroma, almost akin to golden syrup porridge oats (if you can remember them). Also that instantly recognisable smell that tells you its a lager and not a beer.

Pours darker than a normal lager, has a nice smooth white head ontop of the amber nectar.

Taste is sweet, smooth, very little hint of bitterness, easy drinking, unoffencive. But it’s still a quite ordinary lager.

Utopian Unfiltered British Lager

Utopian British Lager

On pouring there is a nice white head that almost instantly disappeared. Light straw colour. Not as pale as some other British lagers.

The aroma is like a traditional lager. A little sweetness adds to that usual lager smell.   Nothing standing out here.

Again the sweetness is the first thing that shouts out.  A little dryness, bit of bitterness to finish. But that usual nutty lager taste.

Again, nothing to write home about.

I can understand these craft breweries making a lager for their in house tap rooms, but with these, there isnt that wow feeling.

Breweries seem to make lager to be lager. When they are breaking boundaries with IPA’s, Stouts and sours, making new flavours, new textures, new experiences, lager seems to be being just made to be, well, lager.

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