The Tipsy-Train Beer Blog with Northern Monk's Passion Fruit Lassi Heathen

October 14, 2019

Northern Monk - Passion Fruit Lassi Heathen

Northern Monk - Passion Fruit Lassi Heathen

Steady day at work followed by a house viewing and a few other bits meant that I wasn't in a tip top mood, but I was still looking forward to this beer that I'd been recommended to try by you guys.

Thought the drink had been jumping in my bag, but a nervous can opening proved unnecessary as the creamy passion fruit smell gently wafted out. The first kick back was a really full, hoppy, flavoursome taste with plenty of fruityness and a sweet kick to the end. You can definitely tell that this drink is full of nicely balanced ingredients that really offer something slightly different with every mouthful. The passion fruit is certainly there, but not too overbearing as to blank out the other factors. Each sip from then on kept giving me the same full and creamy fruity tastes with that slight hoppy punch that made the drink that bit special.

I have to say that this is a genuinely delicious drink that I think has to be experienced by every craft beer (and milkshake) fan. Thanks to @beercraftbath and @cherryhoptart for the heads up!

Cheers everyone!


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