10 May '19 - CROWDFUNDING! + Happy Hour Tonight!

May 10, 2019

10 May '19 - CROWDFUNDING! + Happy Hour Tonight!


Just say "Smile" to Jack or Alex and they'll give you your discount

new vip cards for crowdfunding
Be Part of a Bigger BeerCraft!

To everyone who has contributed to our crowdfunding so far - THANK YOU! We are incredibly humbled by the response and funding so far - as of now we are already at 20% of our target.

We are also super excited at the arrival of our VIP cards for those who have selected one of the 10% Off Beer rewards. If you are one of those, please stop by the bar to pick up your card!
Help make Beercraft of Bath even Better

If you haven't checked out the page we've linked it again below - and it has all the rewards we have come up with but also...

We are totally open to 

If you would like to make a pledge towards a tailored reward, feel free to get in contact with us with a suggestion - every little helps, and we will do our best to make it happen. You can give us a ring on 01225 448080 or pop us an email to sales@beercraftbath.com !
arbor ales range

We went a little crazy with Arbor this week...and are fully restocked on our regular lineup!

Massive Azzac and Zero Zero are going quick so pop in store or order them online if you want some of the freshest, tastiest New England Pales available.

We also have two new badboys which we have listed below:

- Brut 'N' Free- Gluten Free Brut IPA 6% - 
- The Ego Has Landed - American IPA 4.8% 
new beers in!

Tons of new stuff in this week! Limited quantities on a lot of these guys so act fast ~ Just a quick run through we've got...

Watermelon and vanilla double IPAs, a rhubard sour, fruit smoothie sours and some juicy IPAs. Check em out below!

New Beers from CloudWater Brewery

We got some crazy cocktail themed Cloudwaters in this week ~ which seem to be the new craft beer trend at the moment ~

Apparently both were inspired by 
champagne being poured into a slushie machine of sour beer by Evil Twin at a beer festival with a super tasty result.

We love champagne, slushies, and beer so hey - we are on board!

- Zesty & Bitter  - West Coast IPA 7.5% - 
- Bold & Unique  - Bellini Slushie -8% - 
- Bold & Unique - Kir Royale Slushie- 8% - 
new lervig beers


Two fresh ones in from our friends from Norway - Lervig impressed us with two of their tasty stouts, so we wanted to get in some more of their beers.  So look what we've found... (500ml cans are always welcomed). Two hop packed brews coming at you this week from them. 

- Citra Galaxy Flicker  - Pale Ale 5.5% - 
- Infinite Timelines  - New England IPA 7.5% - 
on tap this week
We have some great beers on tap (as always), so if you fancy a 1/2, pint or even your growler filled, pop in.
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