The Tipsy-Train Beer Blog with Lost And Grounded's Starlite Drive-in

September 17, 2019

Lost and Found - Starlite Drive-In

Lost And Grounded - Starlite Drive-in

Friday and the end for me of a really good working week....not too say I'm not looking forward to hitting the bevvies tonight and vegging this weekend though. Tonight's choice was all me (for better or worse) and I went for the Starlite Drive-In Gose from Lost And Grounded.

First off, the can is quite a mellow blue opaque design of an old American classic car going to a Drive-in. Nothing amazing, but a smart image and visual on display. Unfortunately, next it was back to square one as it was foam heaven as I opened up my can, but I still got a light, sweet and mellow smell in the air. Upon first sip I definitely got a smooth sour hit, but nothing too strong and no pinching after taste which was a welcome surprise.

I really enjoyed the light Irish sea salt tingle on the tongue, something I haven't had before, but a really interesting and unique part of this drink. A dry-hop push is evident behind every swig, but the light and tart accompaniment is really balanced well and I thought was just brewed to perfection for his type of drink.

Compared to some of the sours I've had, this is by far the best, and has pulled back from the depths of 'sour' despair to look forward to more beers of this nature. Whether another one matches this brew quality I'm not sure, but I honestly can not recommend this enough for a lover or even vague liker of beer sours.

22 minutes in and only a few swigs to go, wish if got a couple of these bad boys! Anyway have a great weekend everyone and catch you Monday.

Lost and Grounded - Starlite Drive-In (Finished)



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