The Tipsy-Train Beer Blog with Polly's Brew Company's ' Takes A Little Time'

September 06, 2019

Polly's Brew Company's ' Takes A Little Time'

Polly's Brew Company - ' Takes A Little Time'

Not quite the sweaty day of yesterday as I managed to get a bit of creative work in at the end of the day, but I was no less looking forward to my Tipsy-Train tipple. It was a late recommendation from my colleague Jack to go for the Polly's Brew Company IPA ' Takes A Little Time', but I believed in his confident assertion that it was the one to go for.

When I took my can out the bag for the first time there was certainly no 'wow' factor, but the lime green hollow water drop symbol on the wavy black background was still quite a simple but darkly intriguing design.

Opening the can from below my seat so as too prepare for any overflow like last time, it was pretty incredible that the smell I experienced was so intense. A smooth opening was accompanied by a really vibrant hoppy and beautifully zesty hit to the nose that made me excited to take a gulp.

The first taste didn't disappoint, with all those hoppy and zesty senses enveloping you me in a firm, but still gentle feeling. A slight bitterness at the end gave a nice edge to the drink making me ready for more Tipsy-Train tastes.

The smell and subsequent taste for the rest of my 35 minute journey made the train ride seem like a breeze (even though I was living on the edge and sitting in someone else's pre-reserved seat) and the late addition of some salt and vinegar corn snacks was a nice drinking accompaniment.

Polly's Brew Company's ' Takes A Little Time' Finished

Can finished and I have to say it was an absolute pleasure to drink. Hope you enjoyed my latest Tipsy-Train Beer blog and I'll have more for you tomorrow.



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