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December 31, 2019

Arbor Ales - The Devil Made Me Brew It

Arbor Ales - The Devil Made Me Brew It

Popped back into the shop to see the guys before leaving Bath after a long day of walking and other stuff...

With the hammering rain and outside I decided to go for a nice stout with the approval of Jack and Alex to get the 'action' going again. Strong and vibrant 568ml purple can with the recognisable maple leaf couldn't not catch the eye.

So, the first smell after a satisfyingly smooth can opening released a very light coffee scent into the air, almost like the dusting of powder on a nice espresso. The following taste was very light without much kick or even creaminess to it, a bit betwixt and between. There's that oaty backdrop to it that I actually quite enjoyed as it mellows the experience about a bit, but I really just miss that pop or something a bit special. A decent session stout to chug back for a stout fan, but no wow factor to pull me in as a stout newbie.

As always, I hope you enjoyed my personal review, but why not come into Beercraft of Bath and try it for yourself!...

Happy sunday everyone!🍻 Han