Alphabet Brewery "Juice Willis" Milkshake DIPA review

September 13, 2019

Alphabet Brewery

Lets start with the label... awesome!  What else could you have called this. Its a JUICE WILLIS!  

“Oh my goodness” were my words when i smelt the hole in the can after i poured this beer. 

I have a sweet tooth and i love sweets. I was taken back to being a kid as it smelt just like fruit salads. 

This has now really built the excitement and expectation of how this is going to taste. I really hope this is good!!!!

The ingredients read: water, malted barley (all normal so far), wheat (so its going to be smooth and hazy), oats (it gonna have a thickness), rice (sometimes used to help raise the ABV & add a thickness and a crispness), lactose (its gonna be even smoother now and creamy), mango, guava, pineapple, passion fruit, mandarin (that the fruit done), hops (why bother?) & yeast (pretty necessary to make it boozy). 

Please please please let it be good!

Bringing it to my lips, that aroma of fruit salad sweets is there. In it goes!  It hits the roof and floods my mouth. 

There is the hit of alcohol at the roof and back of the throat. It tingles. Its smooth, sweet, fruity, a gentle bitterness and slightly (and i mean slightly) tart. 

And thats it!  

The mouth doesn’t live up to the nose. You cant really taste the fruits as they all have merged together. No one fruit really screams out. All the flavours dissipate so fast, nothing lingers. Is that a good thing? But it could be, it makes you need to take another sip. 

Love the aromas. Love the tingle - not many beers do that - nice and smooth, nice and sweet. Probably cant find a less bitter beer. 

It’s not a must try beer, but go on, try it. Have a bit of juice willis in you life. 

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