The Tipsy-Train Beer Blog with ABK's Hell 'Das Blaue'

October 14, 2019

ABK - Hell 'Das Blaue'

ABK - Hell 'Das Blaue'

Saturday evening drink was suggested by Davin and it was a damn imposing one! A bit of sauntering around Bristol with the missus led towards a nice beer with my vegetarian bolognese for tea.

As a 500ml shell it's a big ol'unit to behold as just a simple bottle. Maybe that's why it has a pretty simple blue label with an ABK crest and a couple of comments relating to its historic 700 years of brewing. (Hoping this bottle was brewed within the last 250 years for my own health)

Popping the cap there was a light aromatic floral smell with a strong malty boost carrying it along. First taste certainly packed a punch, with that malty, hoppy delivery sweeping you off on a sea of bubbles before a slight bitterness coming from the rear. It's certainly a very classic tasting bavarian beer with those earthy hay and pine like tones seeping through.

To be fair, I really liked this's a traditional beer done well and delivered to do exactly what it says. I'd say give this one a try just for the 'Hell' of it! (Boooooo....🤔) Cheers everyone!


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