1. German Discover our German beers! From lagers to wheat beers, they will leave you wanting for more, and make you understand why Germany's beer is so famous! German wheat beers are usually called Weißbier ("white beer"), Weizenbier ("wheat beer"), Hefeweizen ("yeast wheat") or Hefeweißbier to name a few. They are traditional Bavarian beers with high carbonation, low bitterness and a cloudy appearance. Flavour-wise, they have strong undertones of banana and clove. More rare...
  2. Polly's Brew Co Polly's are a small, independent brewery situated inside Polly's old horse stable in Mold, North Wales and first launched in January of 2018. Polly's mission is to produce the freshest beers they can, so they strive on using only the latest season's availability of hops. Big, bold and flavourful, expect thick juicy IPAs and double IPAS from these guys, some of the best new beer around. On 1 May 2019, Loka Polly were unfortunately forced to change their name to Polly's Bre...
  3. United States Craft beers from the USA
  4. Austria Austrian Craft beers from Austria
  5. Sweden Swedish Craft Beers from Sweden
  6. Stout & Porter Beers and Ales Stouts and porters typically are beers that have been brewed with roasted malt, giving them their emblematic dark colour and aroma of coffee or chocolate. These dark beers have been around for centuries, but they’re going very strong! And that is mostly thanks to brewers working on more and more delicious and innovative beers. Stouts can be dry, in the style of Irish stouts, but they can also be very sweet and indulgent like milk stouts with their added lactose, or with the addition of differ...
  7. Brown & Red Beers Brown beers, as well as red beers and amber ales, all fall in the broad category of beers with a malty profile, as they have been brewed with roasted malt like chocolate malt or chocolate malt, often giving them some sweetness and some undertones of chocolate or caramel. Their colour can range from a deep amber to a dark brown, or even a bright red. Belgium brown beers are often dark and strong with a slight sweetness., whilst American brown ales are hoppier thanks to the hops used. Red ales ...
  8. Collective Arts Collective Arts Brewing Company are located in Hamilton, Ontario, and are best known for their smooth easy drinking IPAs and robust stouts. Collective Arts focuses on smaller artists to pair with their beers, ranging from can design to even songs featured on the cans. The whole idea is to help out the artists and even just to put some more art into the world. Life in the Clouds IPA and Stranger Than Fiction Porter are at the top of the must try list.
  9. Cider Yes, we've also got cider! Being in the West Country, it's only natural we would have a great selection of Somerset ciders... No need to describe the fermented apple juice anymore, but did you know that the UK is the world's biggest cider consumer, and has the biggest cider-producing companies? We can't blame you for loving cider, it's delicious! Crisp, fruity, sparkling or still, from sweet, to medium, to dry, there is a cider for every taste. Try them all!
  10. Gluten Free Beers and Ales Whatever the reason you might be following a gluten-free diet, you don't need to say goodbye to beer anymore! Brewers now brew beers the exact same way than usual and then add an enzyme killing the gluten. These beers are as delicious as the ones containing gluten, in fact it's pretty much impossible to tell the difference! And we know it is important for many of you guys, so we always have a good selection of gluten-free beers available.
  11. Xmas Ales and Christmas Beers Christmas festive beers and ales from around the world available to buy online from BeerCraft of Bath.
  12. New Zealand Canned and bottled craft beers from New Zealand for sale online.
  13. United Kingdom Craft beers from the United Kingdom
  14. Norway Bottled and canned craft beers from Norway,
  15. Netherlands Craft beers from the Netherlands
  16. Ilkley Brewery Ilkley have hit the sweet spot of new ideas meets old fashioned ales. With a strong core range of Mary Jane Pale Ale, Alpha Beta Session IPA and Lotus IPA they have made a quick impact across the U.K Look out for special one offs by them- such as Marathon De Melon a Watermelon Pale Ale.
  17. Evil Twin Brewing Evil Twin Brewing originated from Denmark in 2010 and quickly broke on to the scene with their groundbreaking and exciting flavors of craft beer. They first started as a gypsy brewery, meaning they didn't have a set brewhouse and brewed with other breweries but as of January 2019 have now opened a brewery in Queens, NYC!
  18. Floris Beers Floris Beers are brewed under Delirum (also known as Huyghe Brewery) and are best known for their variety of fruity flavoured beers! They are wheat beers that have been blended with fruit juices, also making Delirum the first brewery to try this style, moving away from the traditional lambic style.
  19. Westmalle Trappist Westmalle Trappist was founded in 1836 in the Westmalle Abbey in Belgium, and still have have monks producing their beer! They are famous for their big three beers: Westmalle Dubbel is a 7% Dubbel, Westmalle Tripel is a 9.5% abv tripel was first brewed in 1934 and the recipe has not changed since 1956. It is made with pale candy sugar and has a very pale colour produced from a mash of light pilsener malts, and Westmalle Extra is a 5% abv beer with limited availability and one the monks drink ...
  20. St Feuillien Brasserie St-Feuillien is located in Le Roelux, Belgium and was founded by Stéphanie Friart with the Friart family still brewing the beers today 5 generations later! St Fueillien specializes in the traditional beers associated with the region's history are are known for their traditional Abbey styles, Saisons and Grisettes. Our favourite has to be Grand Gru a Belgian Strong beer which is a newer release for the brewery.
  21. Worley's Cider Worleys are located in Shepton Mallet, and are very particular about which apples they use- one of the reasons why we love em'! They don’t add flavourings to our ciders, yet each cider we make has distinct characteristics, determined by the apple blends they use. They successfully export to USA, Canada, New Zealand and the Netherlands; and just recently they have shipped Worley’s out to Hong Kong. West Country cider at its best.
  22. Trappists Rochefort Brewery Trappists Rochefort is a traditional Belgian brewery located in Rochefort Belgium and are best known for their three trappist beers. Currently around 15 monks live in the Abbey where the beer is brewed, and the water is drawn from an old well within the Abbey. The three Rochefort beers are Rochefort 6, 8 , and 10 with each beer increasing its ABV the higher the number, and are also some the highest rated beers in the world!
  23. Wickwar Brewery Wickwar are a traditonal Brewery hailing from Wickwar, UK and were founded in 1860. The smooth and pure cotswold water is the secret to these brews, and the brewery continues to use the original yeast strain since their start! Expect big malty beers with smooth bitterness all with a dark clear amber appearance. If you want to try a bit of beer history give a Wickwar a go.
  24. Laugar A brewery located in Gordexola, Spain.