1. Deya Brewing Cheltenham, UK Founded in 2015, DEYA very quickly became regarded as one of the bets, if not the best, craft brewery in the UK. Steady Rolling Man, their flagship pale ale, was initially brewed on a homebrew scale, and in 2016 it became the best pale ale in the UK on Untappd, whilst the brewery became the best rated independent brewery on the website. And it’s only been uphill from there for DEYA, who keeps collaborating with the greatest and expanding their brewery. For IPAs and Pale Ales, l...
  2. Erdinger Erding, Germany Erdinger was founded in 1886 and currently is the largest brewer of wheat beers in the world! They brew exclusively in Erding (every single bottle) and have never brewed anything other than the Bavarian specialty “weissbier” wheat beer.
  3. First Chop Brewing Manchester, UK First Chop Brewing have been producing some of the best gluten free beers around since 2012. They quickly expanded due to a high demand and went from producing 400 litres of beer a month to 12,000 all within the first year of opening. All beers by First Chop are certified and approved by the coeliac society and carrying the cross-grain symbol.
  4. Full Circle Brew Co Newcastle, UK Full Circle Brew Co only starting brewing in 2019, but they’re already a big part of the Northern brewing scene. Located in Newcastle’s Hoults Yard, they’re touching every beer style with their seasonal beers, but also have a fantastic core range. Looper, their flagship IPA, is a fantastic beer for any IPA fan.
  5. Iford Cider Bradford-on-Avon, UK Iford Cider has been around since 2016 and make some of the best cider in the West of England. Brewed on the Iford Estate, which stretches from Farleigh Hungerford to Freshford, across the borders of Somerset, Wiltshire and Bath, with small orchards dotted across the historic landscape. What makes iford different is that many of the apples they harvest are from ancient varieties, delicious flavours all but lost in the race for the perfect supermarket apple.
  6. The Kernel Brewery London, UK The Kernel Brewery in London is one of the most popular breweries in the UK - so popular they had to shut down their taproom due to high demand! Making some of the most consistently delicious IPAs and stouts on the market - The Kernel does not shy away from bold brash flavors. You can always find a reliable beer from the Kernel.
  7. Kasteel Beers Ingelmunster, Belgium Kasteel Brewery, also known as Van Honsebrouck Brewery are located in Ingelmunster, Belgium and are known for their traditional Belgian range. The brewery is actually an old castle, and they have been brewing there since 1990 and are best known for the Kasteel Donker (dark beer), Kasteel Rouge (Belgian ale with cherry liquor) and of course their Kasteel Triple - clocking in at a massive 11%.
  8. Honey's Midford Cider Midford, Bath, UK Honeys Cider are a family run business from Bath, specializing in scrumptious full bodied craft cider using classic Somerset apple varieties and traditional techniques. Pressing apples in the autumn and selling the cider in the spring since 2002.
  9. Magic Rock Huddersfield, UK Magic Rock Brewing Co are best known for their "same but different" approach to beers and quickly broke on to the scene in 2011 in Huddersfield UK with their strong core range of new flavors. Magic Rock Hi Wire Grapefruit, Cannonball India Pale Ale and the Salty Kiss Gose really paved the way for the British craft beer scene as these were some of the first to shake things up from the traditional ale. Now producing 2.7 million pints a year and creating some of the most...
  10. Lervig Brewery Stavanger, Norway Lervig Brewing Co is an independently owned and operated craft brewery located in Stavanger Norway. Best known for their wide range of beers from easy-drinking pilsners and pale ales to barrel-aged stouts, barley wines, and sours. Lervig are best known for their strong core range of Lucky Jack American Pale, Hoppy Joe American Red Ale, and Sour Suzy their Berliner Weisse.
  11. Left Handed Giant Brewery Bristol, UK Left Handed Giant are one of the top rated breweries in the UK and aren't too far from us as well, located in an industrial estate in Bristol. Left Handed Giant really broke out from their gypsy brewery days when they acquired the custom built brewery and made the switch to 440ml cans! Famous for their smooth easy drinking pales and rich novelty flavoured stouts you can always guarantee you'll get a quality brew from these guys.
  12. Mondo Brewing London, UK Mondo Brewing Company are located in Battersea, London and are known for their stronger flavorful ales (usually minimum 6% ABV!) as well as their seasonal brews (usually Maibock, Marzen, Saison, Wheat Beers). Mondo means "world" in Italian and was chosen as it best represents the beers as the inspiration for the beers is drawn from brews all over the world. Our favorites are the classic Dennis Hopper IPA, as well as the Kemosabe IPA when we can get it!
  13. Leffe Brewery Belgium Leffe Beers have some of the oldest history - first brewed all the way back in 1240 at the Leffe Abbey they have survived floods, fires and the french revolution. They stopped brewing after the Abbey was destroyed in 1794 but resumed brewing in 1952 after Interbrew (now InBev) purchased the brewery. Expect strong smooth flavours from Leffe, and if you haven't tried the core range of Leffe Blonde, Leffe Bruin, and Leffe Triple you are missing out!
  14. Brouwerij Lindemans Vlezenbeek, Belgium Lindemans Brewery (Brouwerij Lindemans) is a Belgian family brewery based in Vlezenbeek, a small town in the Flemish Brabant, southwest of Brussels. They are famous for their lambics, a style of Belgian ale that uses raw wheat and wild yeast. Lindeman are best known for their Lambic Framboise (raspberry), Kriek (sour cherry), Pecheresse (peach), Cassis (blackcurrant), and Pomme (apple).
  15. Lilley's Cider Frome, Somerset, UK Lilley's Cider is a father & son business, run by Chris & Marc Lilley and are located in Frome, Somerset. Expect some of the easiest drinking ciders around from Lilleys, with almost every flavour you can think of! Lilley's Apples and Pear Cider, as well as Lilley's Elderflower Cider are a must try for any cider lover.
  16. La Trappe Trappist Beers Berkel-Enschot, Netherlands La Trappe Brewing also known as Brouwerij de Koningshoeven have been producing traditional Belgian ales since 1884. They first got their start brewing in Koningshoeven Abbey and originally the beer was brewed by monks but due to their aging, Bavaria Brewery stepped in to run opertations. Strong, dark and full bodied if you like your Belgian beers you'll love a bit of La Trappe.
  17. Moor Beer Co Bristol, UK Moor Brewing Co was founded in 2007 by Californian, Justin Hawke. Since 2014 they have opened a taproom in Bristol behind the train station and have a taproom in operation as well. Moor's philosophy is combining the best of the beer worlds: German's naturally hazy beers, America's hop forward flavors and the secondary re-fermentation us Brits known and love. All beers are unfined and vegan, with our favourites being the Nor'hop Pale Ale and the All Dayer Session IP...
  18. Table Beers Table beers, or small beers, are a step bellow session beers when it comes to alcohol content - originally, their name meant they could be on the table for everybody to drink, even children! At a time where water wasn't safe to drink, low-alcohol beer was the perfect option. Table beers are light in alcohol, usually between 2 and 3.5%, and they are ideal if you want a lovely beer that won't put you straight to sleep! Discover our great selection.
  19. Track Manchester, UK Track was born in 2008 when owner Sam decided to cycle around the world, and discovered the USA's craft breweries and taprooms. He then got experience in London, went back home in the North West, and set Track up under Manchester's Piccadilly Station. Track is now considered one of the best craft breweries in the UK, brewing juicy, hop-forward IPAs and Pales, like their flagship Sonoma pale ale. They also often release premium, high-ABV DIPAs or TIPAs with their Gold To...
  20. Hammerton Brewery London, UK Hammerton Brewery was originally founded in London in 1868, stopped brewing in 1950, got demolished, and was brought back from the dead by a member of the Hammerton family in 2014. The brewery mixes traditional and brewing techniques to offer fantastic craft beers, from IPAS to fruity sours and indulgent stouts like Crunch, their famous peanut butter stout.
  21. Unbarred Brighton, UK Brighton's Unbarred are brewing exciting, modern craft beers, trying their hands at every possible style. They are famous for their indulgent stouts like the Bueno Shake, their fruity, zingy sour beers with their One Hop One Fruit series, and awesome, juicy IPAs like their NEIPAs. Plus, we love their colourful cans!
  22. Glasshouse Birmingham, UK Glasshouse is new on the canning scene, but Birmingham's experimental brewery has been impressing us with their draft beer for a long time. They are quickly becoming one of the best breweries in the UK with their hop-forward, hazy, flavour-bomb IPAs and pales.
  23. Vault City Brewing Edinburgh, UK Vault City was founded in 2018, and has seen established itself as a real authority on sour beers. The Scottish brewery is brewing fruit-forward, ultra-modern sour beers, from sessions to stupidly strong ones. Thought you didn't like sour beers? These guys will change your mind...
  24. Up Front Scotland Up Front is a Scottish brewery operating from other breweries, mainly from 71 Brewing in Dundee, Scotland. They brew seriously exciting and modern beers, from crazy goses to imperial stouts.
  25. Staggeringly Good Portsmouth, UK Staggeringly Good was born from 3 friends' obsession with beer and dinosaurs. Founded in 2015, they are now of the leading breweries in the UK brewing fun, modern, exciting beers, getting famous with their Souropod sour beers.
  26. Arbor Ales Bristol, UK Family run and owned, Arbor has been making some of the most consistent beers in the UK since 2007. Arbor have really nailed the balance between old school traditional ales and new wave IPAS. A big part of their consistency comes from an excellent in house yeast that Arbor uses in most of their brews. Our favorites by Arbor have to be Rocketman IPA, Yakima Valley and The Devil Made me Brew it. Plus the cans are pint sized!
  27. Augustiner Brewery Munich, Germany Munich's oldest independent brewery! First started in 1328 and even lost 60% of the brewery during WWII, but are still going strong and making more beer than ever! Tradition is key for Augustiner - as they have a strong core traditional range of their Dunkel, Pilsner and the most famous - the Edelstoff (known for being slightly sweeter than the average lager).
  28. Beavertown Brewery London, UK Located in London, Beavertown have most certainly been one of the front runners of the craft beer scene in the U.K due to their eye catching can designs and passion for USA style IPAs. They first gained popularity with such hits as Gamma Ray (IPA) and Neck Oil (Session Pale) and haven't looked back ever since. Expect hop forward driven beers with crisper and cleaner finishes. Outside of their core range they have their Alpha, Seasonal and Tempus range as well.
  29. Bath Ales Bath, UK Founded in 1995 and local to our neck of the woods - Bath Ales are known for their strong traditional core range as well as a few seasonal releases. The brewery uses an efficient steam-driven plant. Heat exchangers take the warmth naturally created by the fermentation process and use it to heat the water. The core range is made up of Gem, Darkside, Golden Hare and Barnsey. Seasonals include Rare Hare and Festivity; a seasonal rum porter and an excellent winter warmer.
  30. Big Drop Brewing Ipswich, Suffolk, UK Big Drop Brewing Company started back in April 2016 when founder Rob Fink realized there was a huge gap in the market for low-no alcohol beer! Fast forward to today and they are arguably one of the best alcohol free beer companies around. In fact their Big Drop Pale and Big Drop Stout have won awards at the World Beer awards - and they were judged against full strength alcohol beers!
  31. Boon Brouwerij Lembeek, Belgium Boon Brewery is located in Lambeek, near Brussels in Belgium and was founded in 1975 by Frank Boon. Known best for their lambics and barrel-aged creations, Boon focuses on making traditional lambics but with modern brewing styles and equipment. The Kriek Mariage Parfait is a must try!
  32. Black Iris Brewery Nottingham, UK Black Iris became famous for their P*ss Up in a Brewery parties, and are now established as one of the best Nottingham breweries. Their beers are testimonies of their heavy metal influences and no-nonsense attitude, with banging artwork by artist Kev Grey. Punchy DIPAs, sweet imperial stouts, mouth-puckering sours - they know how to make it all!
  33. Bristol Beer Factory Bristol, UK Bristol Beer Factory started life in 2004 brewing just a few standard cask conditioned ales in a vibrant part of south Bristol. They are another excellent example of the modern twists meets old style ale. Their beers are bottle conditioned and they have been brewing on a 30 brewers barrel kit (1 brewers barrel = 36 gallons) which has really helped them integrate into the craft beer scene further. They are famous for their Southville Hop IPA, Independence Pale Ale, and Bristol Beer...